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The MacLeod Laboratory offers a complete Infertility evaluation, treatment for Primary or Secondary Infertility

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For more information, See Chapter 1: The Silent Epidemic and
Chapter 2: The Role of Bacterial Infection in Dr. Toth's The Fertility Solution The MacLeod Laboratory bases its practice on a classic triad of solid academic principles: Healing, Research and Education


For thirty years we have offered a full scope of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures focused on identifying the underlying cause of infertility.  By recognizing that bacterial infections are a significant cause of infertility and can also affect the overall health of an individual, we have been able to heal and prevent a number of medical conditions while restoring fertility. We follow our patients from the beginning of the fertility workup through the delivery of a healthy child and far beyond. While tracking the long term benefits of our treatment, we have seen significant improvement in a number of medical conditions such as PMS, allergies, certain arthritic conditions, chronic sinusitis, recurring urinary tract infections, chronic vaginitis in women and chronic prostatitis with nocturia, in men. We spend a great deal of time explaining each step of the workup as clearly as possible while remaining mindful of the sensitive, emotional and highly personal nature of infertility therapy.


Numerous publications from our laboratory based on solid clinical evidence proved that our approach to solving infertility yields pregnancies with fewer complications and healthier babies than those produced by the currently prevailing practice of IVF.   Our approach is focused on curing the underlying cause of infertility, which is an infection in most cases. Research accumulated over the past three decades shows that infections in the genital canal are the prime cause of infertility. By aggressively treating these microorganisms with antibiotics, we have been rewarded with a higher pregnancy rate, uncomplicated pregnancies and healthy offspring. Bypassing infections with potentially harmful fertility drugs and unnecessary technology leads to long-term, adverse effects on a couple, both medically and financially. By ignoring the underlying infectious cause, IVF exposes both mother and fetus to an untreated infection that can have lifelong consequences for both mother and child.  



With an ever-increasing shortfall in available healthcare dollars, every effort should be made to critically examine the cost/benefit ratio of all infertility procedures. Infertility treatment has become a profit driven industry, and the price tag is staggering for both the individual and for society in general.  The media’s fascination with the novelty of IVF has led the public to believe that IVF is the most effective procedure to create instant families. Taking into account the money spent on all the failed attempts to produce one IVF live birth, the cost in health care dollars is over  $100,000.00, and this is just the beginning. Due to the contaminated uterine environment that is the primary reason IVF is needed, the complications with the pregnancies and with the newborns add uncounted dollars since a large number of IVF conceived children need physical therapy, emotional and psychological support and special education. Children conceived through IVF are more prone to suffer from long-term medical conditions that further add to the cost of healthcare in America. Our goal is to educate the public and the media that a pathogen free uterine environment is necessary for an embryo, produced by a bacteria free sperm and egg, to implant and to develop into an individual with the full potential of both parents’ chromosomes.


It is our aim to enlighten patients suffering from chronic prostatitis that there are alternative treatments for this complicated illness.  We disagree with the current classification of the disease that is based on an incomplete diagnosis of pathogens. We offer a different means of delivering more effective antibiotics into the prostate, based on detailed culture studies. The aim of our teaching in this field is to empower the general practitioner to comprehend the full scope of the disease, the difference between vertical and horizontal infections and to accept the theory that prostatitis, BPH and prostate cancer are a continuum of one and the same disease process.