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The MacLeod Laboratory offers a complete Infertility evaluation, treatment for Primary or Secondary Infertility

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Prior to resorting to drugs or fertility procedures, our laboratory performs comprehensive microbiological evaluations of both male and female genital canals. The screening process takes place during the first office visit following detailed history-taking and a thorough physical examination of both partners.

The seminal fluid, a urethral swab, the vaginal secretion, the cervical swab and an endometrial biopsy are cultured for mycoplasma, Chlamydia trachomatis, yeast-like organisms as well as aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and tested for the parasite Trichomonas.

During the same visit, blood is taken from both partners for antisperm antibody determination. No further treatment or procedure is suggested until after the results of these culture studies and the results of the antisperm antibody determination are received. These tests are performed in our state licensed laboratory under precise quality control conditions.

As part of the first visit evalauation we perform trans vaginal ultrasonography on the female partner and a transrectal ultrasound examination of the male partner's prostate. We will need about three weeks to complete our laboratory tests when an official report will be issued and you will have a chance to discuss the findings or the recommended therapy with Dr Toth.

Since a very high percentage of inferitlity is directly caused by infections we advise you not to try for a pregnancy until after our tests and if need be our antibiotic therapy are completed.

If an accidental pregnancy occures before the microbiological test results are received and three is sufficient worry that the pregnancy could have implanted in a contaminated uterus, we promptly initiate an empirical antibiotic therapy with a safe drug. Once the culture results are ready we adjust this therapy to achieve optimal coverage against the isolated pathogens. Many years of working with abnormal bacteria have given us an expertise in in treating infectious diseases of the genital canal. Recommendation of antibiotic therapy is based on our knowledge accumulated during the years about the devastating effects these bacteria play in infertility, miscarriages and what negative effects they have on the course of pregnancy and on the health of both mother and the newborn. Due to the stubborn nature of genital-tract contamination with certain bacteria, our recommended therapy regimens can include oral antibiotic therapy for a five to six week duration or broad-spectrum intravenous antibiotics administered through an ambulatory pump system for ten days. The oral or intravenous therpay can be combined with uterine washes and direct intraprostatic injections of antibiotics.

Since all aspects of the functional and structural integrity of the reproductive process is influenced be infections we do not see rational reflecting on abnormal readings in a hormonal work up of the female or interpreting sperm abnormality in the male as permanent until after a full knowledge of the microbial flora is obtained and if abnormal bacteria found, the harmfula bacteria eliminated through comprehensive antibiotic therapy.