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Please find below some of our latest — as well as some of Dr. Toth's seminal research publications in male and female infertility topics. Please note that you may need Adobe Acrobat to view.

August 2017 Excerpts From Dr. Toth's Book: Chapter 5
August 2017 Excerpts From Dr. Toth's Book: Chapter 4
April 2015 Attila Toth, M.D.
January 2014 Trans-rectal Injections of Antibiotics for the Treatment of Chronic Prostatitis
November 2011 Outcome of Subsequent IVF Cycles after Antibiotic Therapy Following Previously Failed IVF Cycles Study II
August 2010 Use of Antibiotic Therapy in Previously Failed IVF Cycles
August 2009 Post Antibiotic IVF Success  Study II
July 2006 Outcome of Subsequent IVF Cycles Following Antibiotic Therapy After Primary or Multiple Previously Failed IVF Cycles
May 2005 Pregnancy Outcome Following Antibiotic Lavage and Intravenous Antibiotic Combination Therapy After Primary or Multiple Failed IVF Cycles
April 2004 Reproductive Emergencies
November 2002 A Case of POF Associated With Actinomyces
October 2002 Antibiotic Management of Miscarriages Associated with Group B Streptococcus Genital Tract Infection
October 2000 Spontaneous Abortion
August 2000 Association of Habitual Abortion with Group B Streptococcus Genital-Tract Infection Experiences with Intravenous Antibiotic Therapy
August 2000 Trichomoniasis
August 2000 Premature Ovarian Failure
September 1986 Outcome of Subsequent Pregnancies Following Antibiotic Therapy
March 1983 Subsequent Pregnancies Among 161 Couples Treated for T-Mycoplasma Genital-Tract Infection
September 1982 Evidence for Microbial Transfer by Spermatozoa