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All of the following conditions can be caused by bacterial infections;
therefore culturing for pathogens, and if indicated, aggressive antibiotic therapy should be pursued.

prior to menarche (the onset of menstruation) :

any profuse vaginal discharge or recurring bladder infections (signs that an infection has been vertically transferred)

post menarche, before sexual activity :

1. a normally occurring period that becomes irregular, or amenorrhoea developing within a few years 
2. the development of ovarian cysts 
3. the development of endometriosis

post menarche, after sexual activity begins :

1. all of the above 
2. extended use of IUD 
3. drastically changed menstrual flow after discontinuation of birth control pills 
4. rapidly changing menstrual flow following discontinuation of barrier type birth control method 
5. rapidly worsening PMS symptoms with unprotected intercourse. 
6. developing infections in any part of the reproductive canal during protected or unprotected intercourse.

during fertility work :

1. any of the above developing during ART procedures 
2. rapidly rising day-three FSH 
3. thin, resistant endometrium 
4. rapidly developing ovarian resistance to gonadotropins 
5. repeatedly failed IVF cycles

pregnancy and delivery events :

1. all forms of miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies 
2. incompetent cervix 
3. preeclampsia 
4. any form of premature labor or delivery 
5. the delivery of a sickly child


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